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Berserker: Level 3

GEAR type(s): I-GEAR
Requires Level [90]
Purchase price: 524000 SPI
[Continuous fire for Advanced Weapons: +2]
[Number of missiles fired: +2]
[Reattack time for Advanced Weapons: -30%]
[Increases radar range for Advanced Weapons: +10%]

Skill Level: 3
Required card: Final Skill Strengthening Card
SP Cost: 200 SP
Duration: 25 seconds
Cooldown: 20 minutes

Description: Lots of missiles can be fired in the short time period.

Comments: Note that in addition to increased duration and reduced cooldown, this level of Berserker also increases your radar range. So, if you had the Warpoint radar (advanced range 1650m), cash shop goggles (+30% advanced range), and this, you could lock on to targets that are 2310m away. Plus: No prob drop due to distance!