A-Gear information for Ace Online and its regional variants. Item info, guides, movies, and a forum. en-us 30 We Require More of This have updated some Mineral info. Not all of it. For the sake of accuracy and completeness, I obtained recipe info by plugging stuff into the in-game Factory. However, my character currently doesn't have enough of everything to get all of the data I want. So, I can't finish updating Minerals until I've done more farming/leveling.ArchWizard2019-09-11 22:01:33Rebuilt Engines Engine info is up to date.ArchWizard2019-09-04 22:44:43Radar Love information has been updated.ArchWizard2019-07-31 14:29:19Surprise and Terol updated information for a variety of weapon types, including terols and rifles.ArchWizard2019-07-16 16:58:53Most Logical updated all info on Vulcan-type standard weapons, and I went back and filled in all of the information on Automatic-type standards that I missed on my first attempt.ArchWizard2019-06-30 13:09:33Swing And A Missile have updated Missile info, under Advanced Weapons.ArchWizard2019-06-28 18:50:21Coil Gun Fun updated and added lots of information on Mass drive (A-Gear standard) weapons.ArchWizard2019-06-22 20:10:07Dual of the Bates updated the information on Dualist type weapons (A-Gears) and Gatling type weapons (BMI-Gears).ArchWizard2019-06-20 19:48:19Cannonical added new Cannon-type standard weapons and tried my best to update information for Cannons that were in the database. (I do mean Cannon-type specifically like smashes and supremes, not all A-Gear standard weapons.)ArchWizard2019-06-17 18:23:52Bumble Bundle added a bunch of weapons, some level 100+. Twintail types and all of the A-Gear bundle-type weapons I could find.ArchWizard2019-06-14 18:52:41