Welcome to Siegemode.com!

About Siegemode

Siegemode.com is dedicated to helping out the A-Gear community by providing lots of information about Ace Online in general and about playing the A-Gear specifically. Its webmaster, ArchWizard, is dedicated to doing an adequate job of making Siegemode.com into the best Ace Online informational site possible.


Siegemode began as the dream of a noble A-Gear pilot named SuperDaddy. Back when the only English- language version of Ace Online we ever had was Space Cowboy Online and being a good A-Gear was really hard, SuperDaddy wanted to make a website to help those who had chosen to be a flying tank and had no idea what they had gotten themselves into. Work began in May 2007 and the future looked bright.

Then, for a long time, nothing happened.

The strain of SuperDaddy's fast-flying and hard-sieging lifestyle caught up to him; his family was unhappy with the fact that he spent so much time watching little numbers go up on a computer screen. He had little choice but to leave SCO to spend more time with said family. That August, creative control of Siegemode passed to ArchWizard, a then-IG of minor importance, and that's when things went crazy-go- nuts. The rest is history.

The Major Players

SuperDaddy - The mastermind of Siegemode and its guiding spirit. SuperDaddy will always be remembered for being a cool guy and because his name is constantly invoked to justify ArchWizard's actions.

ArchWizard - Editor, webmaster, and main PR guy for Siegemode.com. Did the actual site coding and has worked on several versions of the site interface. Collected and entered much of the information. Gave in to greed by putting ads and a donation button on the site, then took them out because they weren't paying enough. Doesn't really play the game any more, but he still runs the site because he enjoys that sort of thing. He even wrote his own guide to minerals, which was somewhat popular due to usefulness.

Anticept - This is the guy who pays for the site hosting. If it weren't for Anticept, Siegemode would have either shut down or would be constantly in need of sweet, sweet cash. He has his own flight school at NewFlyers.net.

Corak - Erstwhile super-coleader of IronTempest. His job is to be really angry all of the time (even his forum avatars are all dudes who look really pissed). He is currently the most prolific writer for Siegemode and has written a guide for new players and a guide to scenario and sidestory missions. He also made a CPU chart and a list of bonus points by level.

StarSiege - He's the go-to guy when ArchWizard wants a new guide about anything related to A-Gears. He also provides advice and encouragement. StarSiege may or may not have an underaged girlfriend; we're not sure.

Other Contributors

kryvian - Sent in some MG skill screenshots, which is more than most people are willing to do.

MoSFeT - A pretty cool A-Gear on NA Ace who has submitted a couple of secret videos showing off some of the more difficult AG tricks. If being a good A-Gear is a black art, Mossy is that dude who gets a TV special and shows off some of its secrets while wearing a freaky mask.