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Name Author Links Comments
Corak's Mission Guide Corak Edited HTML
Corak's guide to standard and sidestory missions. There is an emphasis on ANI missions, but plenty of information for those missions that are common to both nations.
Starter Guide Corak Edited HTML
MS Word
Corak's FAQ for new players, meant to answer the most common and pertinent questions from people new to shooting space bees.
StarSiege's A-Gear FAQ V3 (HTML) StarSiege Edited HTML
Plain Text
StarSiege's A-Gear FAQ, now in its third iteration.
A-Gear Field Manual SuperDaddy Edited HTML
Original HTML
An A-Gear guide from the king of A-Gears, SuperDaddy. Read this or you will not be cool.


Name Author Links Comments
Guide to Useful Minerals ArchWizard Edited HTML
A guide to useful and valuable minerals and ingredients, whether for saving or for selling.
CPU Chart (HTML) Corak Original HTML
MS Excel
An updated and upgraded CPU chart that can by sorted by name, stat bonus, and gear bonus. If you want to download the sortable version, get the .rar from here.
Killmark/Datacube CPU stats and recipe quick reference Lazermaniac and Kalias External A color-coded chart showing killmark CPU recipes and bonuses at a glance. Fancy!


Name Author Links Comments
All Experience Points enemy External A list of the experience points needed to reach each experience level.
A Quick Episode 3 A-Gear Grinding Guide (RTF) StarSiege Rich Text
A quick grinding guide made by StarSiege for BCU. Not originally meant for public consumption, but StarSiege has taken so long to get me the complete guide that I have no choice but to put this up here to shame him. Take that, StarSiege!


Name Author Links Comments
Bonus Points by Level Corak Edited HTML
A table of all of the bonus points available from missions and cumulative bonus point totals at each level of experience. Is this good for anything? Yes, it's good for planning restats.