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Hyper Shot: Level 1

GEAR type(s): A-GEAR
Requires Level [70]
Purchase price: 40000 SPI
[Standard Weapon Explosion Radius: +800]
[Standard Weapon Damage (min): +2000%]
[Standard Weapon Damage (max): +2000%]
[Standard Weapon Probability: +100%]

Skill Level: 1
Required card: Finishing Move Skill Opening Card
SP Cost: 150 SP
Cooldown: 30 minutes

Description: Energy is gathered and shot out at once. Its explosion radius very wide, making gears and monsters around, also damaged.

Comments: Two notes:
1. Enemies caught in the explosion radius take full damage; the damage is not divided among each target.
2. Hyper Shot works best with a weapon with high base damage, such as a BigSmash or Omega Mount.