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ArchWizard's Guide to Useful Minerals

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. A Note on References
  3. Info Summary
  4. Armors
    1. A-Gear Armors
    2. B-Gear Armors
    3. I-Gear Armors
    4. M-Gear Armors
  5. Kits, Charms, and the FSSC
  6. Conclusion


"What minerals should I save?" is a common question. The purpose of this guide is to answer this question and most variations thereof so that anyone who asks this question in the future can be pointed to siegemode.com and drive up the site's popularity. This guide is by no means comprehensive since its purpose is to be helpful, not especially informative. For example, some armor recipes are culled because I don't want anyone getting the impression that I endorse the stockpiling of Ghost binder ingredients. I also don't mention a few minerals that are completely useless, like chromite. This guide is all about describing the important (read: valuable) minerals in a fairly accessible format so that today's Ace Online player on-the-go can quickly see what's worth saving and what should be dumped on hapless NPCs.

A Note on References

Nearly of the information in this guide comes from Siegemode.com. All of Siegemode's information came from the expanded in-game FAQ, which is both the original game FAQ and lots of extra stuff added by Salty. So thank Salty for that. Some additional information (specifically, the FSSC recipe) came from the AirRivals forum. The information on moissanite's real life properties and uses came from Wikipedia. The moissanite jokes come from David Letterman and GameFAQs (though not necessarily in that order).

Info Summary


Armors are made of metal. You would think that in a sci-fi game they'd be using lightweight plastics and ceramics to make gears, but nope. Metal. The closest they get to not-metal is moissanite, which is a diamond simulant and nearly as hard. Jokes about moissanite being the second-hardest metal known the man should be sent to Siegemode.com's home office in Wahoo, Nebraska.

While different gears use different armors, they all share a few metals. They are:

A-Gear Armor

A-Gear armor takes lots of minerals to upgrade. Large quantities of both base metals and alloys are needed, so stockpile!

B-Gear Armor

I'm not going to say anything bad about B-Gears. It would be easy to pander to my base, but I'm trying to keep it classy here at Siegemode.

I-Gear Armor

I-Gears have a fairly restricted set of useful armors, but their most popular armor requires an alloy that's cheap to make so that's something.

M-Gear Armor

Buff slaves need minerals, too. Specifically, these minerals:

Kits, Charms, and the Final Skill Strengthening Card

There are things in Ace Online that require minerals but aren't armors. They are all a huge bother. Nevertheless, some of these things may be useful in your endeavors so their ingredients are listed here. Always double-check with other sources to ensure that you have the correct recipes before trying anything stupid, like buying a thousand pieces of the wrong metal. Note that everything here drops from mobs.



Combined timed adhesives (commonly known as "charms") require ten (cheap charms) or fifty (cash shop charms) of some mineral. Depending on the charm, the required mineral will be edcanium, moissanite, or acrylic steel. A B-Type data cube is also needed, so remember that if you're thinking of NPCing some B-Type datacube just because it's blue.

The Final Skill Strengthening Card

The FSSC is a beast of an item. Requiring forty-thousand minerals to produce, it is expensive but will make you the envy of your nationmates. To make one, you need to combine 10,000 iron, 10,000 chrome, 10,000 aluminum, and 10,000 of one of the following:

This creates an upgrade chip, which is combined with an FMSOC to make the FSSC. This post tells you what to do.


This guide was made by ArchWizard. Any comments can be sent to Siegemode's webmaster or posted on the siegemode forums.