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Advanced Weapons

Magnum Head

Requires Level [80]
Weapon Type: Missile type
Attack Power: (367 ~ 480) X (1 X 2)
Accuracy: 85%
Range: 4000m
Reattack Time: 1.8 seconds
Valid Angle: 11 degrees
Speed: 300 m/s
Induction Angle: 78 degrees
Explosion Radius: 0m
Weight: 300 kg
Shop Price: 80354 SPI

Description: A special weapon made using an ancient civilization's technology.

Comments: One of three possible level 79 mission rewards for non-AGs. This one can be described as being "cyclerobs that hit like bawoos." This has earned the Maghead a reputation for being the least useless level 80 unique for non-AGs.